Kenneth & Jacq

“Oh, the unbearable heat!” That’ll probably be what you will hear if these photo scans can speak. The exposure gave me two-tone skin as a remembrance, especially the mega dike scene! I would like to give my kudos to the couple for being so brave and up to the challenge when they have to use a steaming steel ladder, haha. The horse scene was classic, the bride was so patient and sat completely still even though the horse started kissing her knee. You see, It’s not just the Photographers who spend hours in difficult situations just to get that perfect photograph. Last but not least, now I know that the Kapampangans enjoy feeding people. We were stuffed every 2 to 3 hours, haha!

Locations: Sabellano Farm / Mega Dike, Pampanga
Make-up: Mariah Santos
Styling: Sidney Yap