About Jervy


Jervy Santiago, a photographer and art director, specializes in weddings in editorial style and lifestyle, events, and ad campaigns. With his mastery of diverse lighting techniques, he can turn every shot into a masterpiece, indoors or out. With over 20 years of experience, Jervy thrives on fresh challenges. He has taken his talents from Manila and now, to the concrete jungle called New York, ready to bring the #TheJervySantiagoExperience to the Big Apple and beyond.

His Philippine team is continuing the excellent work, ensuring the same stunning results and creative vision that define the Jervy Santiago Photography brand for loyal clients back home.


Jervy’s experience in both indoor and outdoor photography has brought him, clients, from both the world of advertising and weddings.  He is a favorite among showbiz personalities, and is actually a regular contributor for Yes! Magazine. This is mainly attributed to his expertise in handling studio lighting and his ability to work with minimal props.  One would often see his works on billboards along the Metro’s main thoroughfares.

On the other hand, Jervy’s wedding clients would surely attest to the fact that he can play and maximize all available elements during the time of the shoot. Those who have a trained eye will see the difficult techniques that he applies even to the simplest looking of shots.


There is no better proof of his creativity than his fantasy prenup shots. Jervy pioneered the “green screen” technology in the wedding industry. This allows couples who have a more active imagination to think of extraordinary concepts that normal settings wouldn’t be able to do justice to.  Jervy and his team work tirelessly to achieve such pegs by combining intricate styling, amazing shooting, apt lighting, and unbelievable graphic design.


Probably his best trait, Jervy has the inherent talent of making his subjects feel at ease. His approachability, sense of humor, and happy demeanor made him a favorite amongst VIPs who are generally hard to please.  On the other hand, a lot of his brides attest to the fact that he made them feel like a celebrity on the biggest day of their lives.  By doing this, his clients feel more relaxed, resulting in shots that do not show a trace of hesitation.

“Shooting is one thing, aesthetics is another thing. Always remember that doing wedding photography is not about the photographer, it’s about the wedding, the couple, and the clients. We still have to give what they want, and not force what we want unto them. We may pitch an idea here and there, and if they are up to it, we start off from there.  Clients’ personalities vary from one to the other, and as a photographer, I have to find a common ground to infuse their personalities with my art.  In the end, the final photo should be about their story.”  – Jervy So Santiago –

“walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Cor. 5:7