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Ian & Arianne Engagement AVP

Ian and Arianne’s prenup was in Korea, during the beautiful cherry blossom season… except we booked a week before the start of the actual blooming of cherry blossoms. Nonetheless, there were some that already bloomed, so we just made the most of what we had at the time. Thankfully, we were still able to get the results we desired – dramatic, nostalgic, and dreamy. The shoot was extra memorable for me, because I was accompanied by my wife and my daughter, and Ian and Arianne also brought their child. While the couple and I shot, my wife and Sabee had to help babysit! It was really team effort, and I would like to give a shoutout to my family for the help.
Korea is fast becoming a prenup favorite, and I can’t blame couples, what with the popularity of KPop and Kdramas. The climate is also an advantage – because it is cold, couples have the perfect excuse to layer their clothing, so it looks extra fashionable. If you are a fashionista, this is good news because you can break out the trench coats and the jackets and the scarves! (It’s a different story for photographers who have to carry heavy equipment, but I don’t mind, it’s for art’s sake, haha!) Another advantage of shooting in Korea is that we were allowed to shoot anywhere – we were not bothered by permits or guards driving us away. Of course, it helps that almost everywhere there is picture-perfect, too.
Anyway, I shall let the photographs speak for themselves. Beautiful place, beautiful couple, memorable experience. Thanks, Ian and Arianne!

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Paula Predebut AVP

Everyone knows Paula to be simple. So we went ahead and broke that impression of her. Made up by Angie Cruz – who is known for making you look like you were going to the Oscars – dressed up and styled in glamorous gowns and dresses, and shot in a timeless Victorian house, we were able to showcase her sophisticated side, much to everybody’s surprise. But as someone who also has a daughter, I made sure that the child in her still showed through, which is why we infused “laughter in the rain” shots. It wasn’t easy to bring a fire truck to create the effect we wanted. But everyone was dead set on achieving it, with friends and family all dolled up for the pictorial. Effort! Paula, I am super proud of what we accomplished here – the creativity, your bravery and the whole team’s dedication.

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Jeff & Mara Fusion SDE {Photo & Video}

” Our wedding was everything we have always dreamed of.” — Mara

We met in 2005. We were secretly communicating. Finally, we decided to attend simbang gabi together. And from then on, we became a couple.

Meeting Jeff and Mara was like getting a breath of fresh air. Both young and full of excitement. They just loved being together which was why we decided to just to go around Singapore, documenting as they went around the city. On a side note, shooting in SG is such a breeze. Aside from the clean surroundings, no permits are required. So if you’re considering a pre-nup out of the country, you may want to consider flying there. Forming a relationship with the couple greatly helped during their big day. And their comfort in front of the camera was evident. It was easier to shoot. To Jeff and Mara, cheers to more than a decade of love.

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Wendell & Shereen Photo SDE

Just like any other bride, Shereen suddenly felt nervous when she put on her wedding gown. But as the ceremony went on, her worries also started melting away. This is why we infused some clips of the couple before leaving the church – letting go of balloons and being showered with flower petals. We wanted to highlight the moments that clearly showed they were able to let go and enjoy.

In an age when onsite slideshows are common, we strive to make ours more dynamic by combining stills with video excerpts. Selecting music that is moving and matching the transition of the slides with the beat, seems to make for a more appealing output. We’re not saying this formula is perfect, but we are striving to find ways to make our clients happier by making our presentation more compelling for their guests.

To Shereen and Wendell, may you remember your wedding day as a day full of love, laughter, cheers and joyful tears!

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JSP ProfileVideo 2016

“Most people would describe me as funny. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my face. Hehe. But I’m very thankful that my sense of humor comes up naturally, because it is put to good use during shoots.”

Jervy Santiago has been in the industry for more than a decade now. His years of training and experience is most evident in his output. But for clients, what they would remember most about Jervy, is how personalized the service was and how passionate he is when it comes to delivering what was planned.

This passion is translated into eagerness to help plan shoots and look for possible locations. But what Jervy loves most is interacting with the clients on the day. He has the uncanny ability to make any subject feel at ease in front of the camera. While there are a lot of talented photographers out there, not all of them can direct. Jervy’s way of doing so is full of energy, animation and most of all – fun!

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Gwynette @ 18 Fusion SDE {Photo with Video}

There are moments that need more than just great stills.

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Justinn & Denise Prenup AVP {Photo & Video}

In 3:30, you’ll see why we infused moving parts into our pre-nup photo sessions. Sure, a fantastic location and two lovebirds would usually seal the deal, but there are just moments that need more than just great stills.

The first time I ever set foot in Las Casa Filipinas in Bagac, Bataan, I already had a million pegs running in my head. More so now that the place is fully developed. Yes, we had the sun and the heat working against our plan, but we managed to capture, what I can say, timeless photos. We started early in the day, highlighting the beauty of shooting in available light, and playing with the contrast of Denise’ scarlet colored gown against texture backdrops. ( Even our behind the scenes shots looked good! Chos! ). Before we called it a night, we captured a few shots as the sun went down, and then again a few more clicks as the evening settled in.

But more than these elements, as the song suggests, there is no greater thing than the love that the couple had for each other – which they never failed to show, even though we were all melting away.

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Calvin & Winchell Engagement AVP {Full Version}

Calvin and Winchell flew us to Hong Kong for their pre-nup. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed and took up most parts of the day. On the other hand, I had a stylist and a make-up artist with me, who were as determined as I was to finish what we sought out to do.

We had a simple plan- capture the lovers spending a day in HK. Since we just made them walk around different streets, no permits were needed. We just capitalized on the different flavors of the city – showing various color palettes – neutrals, black and white shots, multi-color, emphasizing how having professionals around makes everything look well put- together. Top that with the smile and “malagkit na tinginan” these two had on ready anytime, and no one would ever guess it only took a few hours to finish the said shoot

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Blair & Ivy Prenup AVP {Photo & Video}

As a photographer, one of the perks of my job is getting to travel to shoot wonderful people, and I’m quite proud to say that I was lucky to have been to some of the best destinations both in and out of the country. Yet despite that, there’s still one place that remains really breath-taking, mapapailing ka na lang sa ganda.

Batanes is that place. No matter how many beach destinations I have been to, it remains the most pristine. It is an almost magical place where the sun, sea, and sky converge into one gorgeous scenery. According to TripAdvisor, countless tourist guides, and almost everyone who has visited the Batanes, it is one of the world’s most beautiful places, and I agree. It is clean, uncluttered, and unspoilt by civilization. It’s also charming that everything is laid-back and relaxed, and you move at a leisurely pace. No rushing, no urgency. You take your time. The people are friendly and honest – a rarity in today’s modern world. Which is why when Blair and Ivy told me that we were going to have our prenuptial shoot there, it was a resounding “yes” for me and the rest of my team.

I knew that the place was already naturally beautiful, so the challenge, really, was to capture all that unspoilt beauty in the photos, while making sure that Blair and Ivy were showcased just as beautifully. Walang sapawan. Man and nature – both subjects, melding seamlessly in gorgeous shots. I think the photos speak for themselves. Raw, natural, dramatic, cinematic – just the way I like them.

I hope to someday revisit Batanes, perhaps for leisure, when I can afford to take things slow and just bask in the beauty of nature.

Thank you, Blair and Ivy for the opportunity! It was a pleasure doing your prenuptial shot.